Pluumber is a reference in the provision of general services to companies and a specialist in the sector of integral maintenance and reforms of all types of installations. It solves the attention of all kind of notices from reforms, plumbers, gardeners, painters, cleaning personnel, transporters, architects, sanitary personnel…

One of the keys of Pluumber is its seriousness in the customer service, so that any breakdown or problem is solved in a few hours.

Its complete service package is aimed at communities, offices, hotels and shops.

Pluumber’s business philosophy is focused on the excellence and quality of the service, basing the relationship with the customer on the guarantee of his satisfaction. Therefore, it bets on the values of professionalism, experience, commitment and quality.


The relationship with the client is based on a strict selection of personnel in various service areas, in addition to good quality management of these services.

Pluumber is in charge of the direction, management, coordination and execution of services, offering integral and flexible solutions to improve the operation of the companies, allowing them to optimize resources, save costs and improve working conditions.

It is specialised in integral maintenance services for communities of owners, as well as services for the home. It has a highly qualified human team with a modern and advanced structure, which allows it to attend to multiple maintenance needs with the greatest efficiency.





C/ Ferrocarril del puerto 8
Málaga (Spain)

C/ Comandante zorita 19
Madrid (Spain)

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